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Family Spring Wild Food Day

Family Spring Wild Food Day

Family Workshop

When: 16/04/2016 - 12pm

Genre: Family Workshop

Cost: £0-£3

Funder: Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

A day to explore Spring Wild and Urban Gleaned foods, led by Grow Bradford and Plenty Preserves.
…zingy tonics, hedgerow salads, wild food pizza and perfect pestos!

Spring has sprung and shoots and leaves are appearing! Learn how to find and make foods from what’s right on your doorstep and make delicious foods which have added micronutrients and can give you a boost after winter.

Free zingy tonic concoction! Hedgerow salads! Perfect pestos! Wild food pizzas! Come in and have a chat, make your own wild food lunch and contribute to our community foraging map! Hands-on workshops for adults and kids!

Make your own spring tonic – fun for all ages – make a concoction that is guaranteed to put a zing in your step! FREE to all…

Wild food lunch
Make your own perfect pesto – perfect healthful and delicious topping for pasta or pizza £3

Hedgerow salads – learn about where you can find foods right on your doorstep through foraging and urban gleaning.
Make your own salad – £3

Wild food pizza – make your own pizza with wild food pesto and foraged leaves – £3

Wild food lunch – make all the above for £7.50


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Green Your City

Green Your City

Environment & Wellbeing

When: 08/10/2016

Genre: Environment & Wellbeing

Funder: Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

Partner: Grow Bradford


Sessions exploring different elements of growing and the cycle of growing.

Family-friendly, open sessions that covered the elements of growing – What skills are needed, what growing gives to us and how it is good for us.

The sessions included:


An open session hosted by the Delius Arts & Cultural Centre, come and learn how to sow a seed and then take them home with you! Hear about all of the incredible things we will be doing as part of Green Your City and sign up for the sessions.


Join us and learn about soils as living, co-evolving eco-systems.  This session took place at Judy Woods where we learnt all about mushrooms and mycelium and learn about their roles in making healthy soils.


An important session in urban growing, this session taught us how to consider our space when growing and use recycled products such as bottles to grow in to keep growing cheap and workable in small places.


A session all about caring for your eco-systems, learning about water cycles, nutrient cycles and caring for your plants and soils.


A chance to come together at the end of the sessions and share the experiences we have had and discuss how everyone will continue to grow their gardens. Some gorgeous home-grown food washed down with hot drinks; the perfect way to end the project.

This project focused on how individuals and families engage with their City and how it offers so many opportunities to connect with nature, giving the opportunity for play, creativity, storytelling, explorations, growing and wild food.

Activities included; wildlife in the City, natural creations, imaginative play, celebration, storytelling, games & trails, foraging, cook & eat, risk play. Activities demonstrated how the City can be a ‘wild’ play area offering free play and how easy it is to include nature-based activities in everyday learning and life.

Half of the sessions happened off-site at nearby Horton Community Farm, on nature trips in the community and two open sessions were held at the Delius Arts & Cultural Centre.

This project was part of Artworks Creative Communities programme of events funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation



Most of the participants were Muslim women and their families from the Home School Network, most of which did already know each other. The regular sessions did create a very bonded group and many of the group progressed on to further green-focused Artworks projects that were based at The Delius Centre and have formed a further Facebook group, administered by Artworks, that acts as an online space for consultation for us to be able to develop our work with the Home School Network and really be able to meet specific needs of the groups for further projects.


“I can grow a big plant from this seed?!” Zach, 5
“I want to start my own wormery Child
“Don’t walk with arrogance on this earth, tread lightly upon this earth Safina, parent
“I’ve always wanted to go foraging but was too scared to go on my own” Parent
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The Living Stories Project

The Living Stories Project

Childrens Storytelling Project

When: 30/08/2016 - 11/10/2016

Genre: Childrens Storytelling Project

Venue: The Gateway Centre, Ravenscliffe

As part of this project we worked with various groups at The Gateway Centre, Ravenscliffe. Artist and Storyteller Irene Lofthouse worked with families to create an original story inspired by Cliff Castle. Attending different weekly sessions Irene and visual artist Kayleigh Wright worked with other groups to make props and lanterns to be used and displayed at Listers Lanterns Parade on the 8th October 2016.

The families involved in making the story performed during the day outside Cartwright Hall.

The Living Stories Project



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The Living Stories Project
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Bradford Action for Refugees

Bradford Action for Refugees

Family Learning

Genre: Family Learning

Funder: Big Lottery

Partner: Bradford Action for Refugees

This project was part of the wider Creative Together Programme, an Artworks Creative Communities programme to help family units to enjoy learning activities. It was developed in partnership with Bradford Action for Refugees and aimed to:

  • Encourage parents to support their children in learning
  • Work on issues of support such as translation and whole family integration
  • Build confidence of all those involved with emphasis on their relationship to learning
  • Learn how to create and tell a story
  • Learn how to make and use a range of different puppets from cheap or free materials
  • Provide a space where parents and children can work and learn together
  • Gain confidence in creative ability and learn new creative skills.
  • Generate pride and confidence in the family group

The group worked together over a period of 14 weeks, learning about storytelling, creating their own stories and working with a puppeteer to create props and puppets to tell and accompany these stories. The main techniques used were:

  • Journeys – scrapbooking, exploring journeys of group members
  • Food – an excellent way to share cultural backgrounds
  • Masks – provides the opportunity to tell your story without being you

Voices – using different voices gives people a chance to express things from a different perspective

Bradford Action for Refugees



There’s been a real change in the way parents now involve themselves without being asked. Worker
It’s changed how we are as a’s easier to teach my children because I know which objects and toys they need to use. Now I know they need to play and how to play with them. Participant
The language skills of youngsters blossomed – social interaction with adults became much better and mums language skills developed too. Artist
They’ve learnt lots of things – they’ve learnt to communicate with other children and adults. Normally they don’t talk to adults or other children. Participant
It’s been great to have time out of the house, somewhere we can play freely with the children and give them the chance to play together. Participant
My child is much more creative as a result of this group. Participant
I’ve learnt new creative things, I’ve learnt how to use cardboard boxes to make houses and dolls to go inside. I feel sad when I’ve missed a session. Participant
I think we’ve leant about communication, I’ve had a really good time here. The children are better at playing and sharing toys. Participant


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Bradford Action for Refugees
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Denholme Half Term Project

Denholme Half Term Project

Young People, Sexual Health and Relationships

Genre: Young People, Sexual Health and Relationships

Funder: NHS Bradford and Airedale

Partner: Bradford Metropolitan District Council’s Integrated Youth Services

The aim of the Denholme Half Term Project was to explore sexual health and relationship issues through the arts whilst increasing the confidence, self-esteem and motivation of the young people involved. Seventeen young people took part in the Project at Highcroft Youth Centre for the five days of the February half term.

The Project was a partnership between Artworks and Bradford Council’s Integrated Youth Services.

Young people participated in visual arts, dance and rap sessions with the focus of performing at a public performance on the Friday night.

As well as the artists working on the project, Artworks also worked in partnership with the NHS Sexual Health Team. A worker from this team participated in some of the sessions providing informal learning exercises on the topic.

The Friday night performance saw the young people performing their dance and rap pieces to a backdrop of visual arts created on the programme. All of the participants were then presented with Certificates of Achievement.

The night ended with a sexual health quiz in which parents and young people took part in teams. This was a chance for the young people to talk about what they knew and was possibly the first time whole families had openly talked about sex together.

One of the young people who attended the project, Jade, had heard about the project through her Activity Agreement Worker. Jade had never tried street dance or rap before but had produced artwork at home. At the beginning of the week she was sceptical about the type of dance and the rapping, at the end of the week she said:

“It made me feel happy ‘cause I was doing something every day of the week…it stopped boredom.”

Jade was very proud of what she had achieved and felt that she had gained a lot from her experiences on the Project. Her Activity Agreement Worker said:

“She’s rarely engaged with anything before so for her to engage was really important. She’s been on a real high since the project and her workers from social care have been really impressed”

Since the Half Term project Jade has been looking for further creative opportunities and is considering options for studying in the arts.

As a result of the Project three other young people from the programme have taken up regular dance classes and the youth workers from Bradford Council were very impressed by the commitment to the Project some of the more difficult young people showed.

Denholme Half Term Project Denholme Half Term Project



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Denholme Half Term Project Denholme Half Term Project
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Pick Up Your Paintbrush and Pass It On

Pick Up Your Paintbrush and Pass It On

Young People and Interior Design

Genre: Young People and Interior Design

Funder: Leeds Building Society, Yorkshire and Clydesdale Bank, Yorkshire Building Society, Denton Trust, Greggs Trust, Hilton in the Community

Partner: Vicar Lane Housing Project, Bradford Foyer, Keyhouse in Keighley and Aldo House

Artworks Creative Communities has a history of working with street homeless and roofless people across the district. ‘Pick Up Your Paint Brush And Pass It On’ is a project that develops homeless peoples’ skills, and increases their chances of attaining Tenancy Ready status, which in turn improves their chances of finding better and more sustainable housing.

We identify a communal room that would benefit most from decorating in the hostel and then deliver a programme of work, which runs for 10 weeks. The residents are encouraged to actively participate from the beginning, and gain training in decorating; in all areas from concept and mood boards to glossing and finishing touches.

Residents learn to understand how certain colours can affect your moods, learn how preparing a room for decorating is just as important as painting itself, and learn how to deliver a good standard of finish. As well as teaching hard skills, residents develop soft skills that can be transferred to all areas of life, such as negotiation techniques and team working. The programme encourages independence and raises self-esteem, promotes both a sense of community and helps individuals recognise the value of their achievements.

Initially, participants can be reserved and group consultations can be stunted and narrow in focus. As the sessions develop and the room begins to take shape, residents take ownership of the project and actively dictate the direction of work with little facilitation. They begin to discuss and plan which skills they would like to develop during the final weeks.

The Pick Up Your Paintbrush and Pass It On Project has to date worked with four groups of young people, at Vicar Lane, Bradford Foyer, Keyhouse in Keighley and Aldo House aiming to equip them with the skills they needed to move into their own accommodation and to encourage them to pursue further training, education and employment.

Pick Up Your Paintbrush and Pass It On Pick Up Your Paintbrush and Pass It On



The project has been very successful. Some young people have pursued further training and education in the skilled trades and others were signposted to colleges and apprentice courses. Those members of the group who previously had training in related fields felt a sense of pride when they were able to peer mentor other residents.

Those who regularly attended reported that they felt much more confident in their abilities to decorate a room to a good standard than they did before. Some said they are happier within themselves for having taken part, just because of the encouragement and positive feedback they have received from staff during sessions.

PUYPAPIO Evaluation Image


This is better than any therapy that I have ever had. Participant (Bradford Foyer)
It’s nice to know that you can do something right. Participant (Bradford Foyer)
I’m really pleased that we were allowed to make important decisions and helped to do things our way too. Participant (Keyhouse)
Everyone was really surprised at what they had managed to achieve. It really shows what they can do. The cleaner said how nice it was to be in that room now. Manager (Keyhouse)
Enjoyed doing the teamwork and blackboard with S. Participant (Keyhouse)
I really enjoyed all the activities that took place and I think it will help me with decorating in the future. Participant (Vicar Lane)
Don’t want the project to end because then there will be nothing to do on a Thursday, I look forward to this. Participant (Vicar Lane)
They have all in some way benefitted from taking part, and, some have gone on to further education and their own tenancies: I know that taking part in the mentoring sessions helped in them achieving this. Support Worker (Bradford Foyer)


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Pick Up Your Paintbrush and Pass It On Pick Up Your Paintbrush and Pass It On
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Structures of Health

Structures of Health

Intergenerational Health and Skill Sharing

Genre: Intergenerational Health and Skill Sharing

Funder: NHS Bradford and Airedale

Partner: WomenZone Community Centre

The aim of Structures of Health was to bring together two groups from the community around Womenzone Community Centre. The project aimed to build relationships, explore health issues relating specifically to the participants and share skills between the generations.

The project tackled themes such as body image, self-esteem, exercise, healthy eating, mental health and spirituality. Structures of Health celebrated the creativity of the groups, promoted positive wellbeing, empowered participants to make informed lifestyle choices and enabled the participants to put a stamp on the space they use regularly.

A total of twenty one participants got involved with the project which involved Womenzone’s newly recruited volunteers and members of both the Pakistani and Bangladeshi community. The group ranged in age from 8 to 80 and spanned 4 generations. Through learning new skills the group bonded together and supported each other, exploring ideas, testing techniques and sharing in process.

Structures of Health Structures of Health



The participants were thrilled with the development of skills over the course of the project and both staff and artists witnessed the bonding, skill sharing and coming together of the different generations each week. The project was textile based and participants had chance to learn, mood boarding, collage, IT text manipulation, online research, Paper Mache, knitting, weaving, hand and machine embroidery and embellishment techniques. They used these in combination with written words and researched, manipulated images to create bodices and head sculptures which depicted their chosen health theme.

Skill sharing was slow to start off, the different peer groups tended to work together and not integrate with each other. Throughout the project the artists encouraged group working and intergenerational working, they set up small tutor groups where the older women’s group and the youth zone group could take it in turns to demonstrate skills and support each other through the learning process. The skill sharing was very successful, by the end of the project the group was as one, they were no longer in separate areas of the room, they sat among each other, talked to one another and respected each other as individuals with skills and talents which can be unlocked and showcased if only given a platform.


I made new friends and learnt new skills Participant
It was an excellent idea and very successful to get families in for the presentation session, it was great for them to feel a sense of achievement Staff member, Womenzone


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Structures of Health Structures of Health
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Since it was established in 1998 Artworks has delivered enjoyable, engaging and inspiring projects with Children, Young People and Families.
Artworks’ projects work with schools, youth services and voluntary and community sector organisations, and use a range of creative techniques to explore the challenges faced by young people, and help them to find possible solutions and coping strategies. Our projects have challenged young people’s opinions and beliefs, to reduce prejudice, and help young people to stay safe.
A creative approach can help to engage many young people who don’t work well within traditional learning environments, by using artforms such as lyric writing, making short films and music production to help young people to develop their literacy and numeracy and technical skills.
Our work with families has helped to bring parents and children together to enjoy creating artwork and learning together, and have used the therapeutic qualities of the arts to create a safe environment to start to explore challenges including mental health issues and bereavement.

Projects in Schools

  • Artworks has delivered work in schools ranging from cultural days and projects to refurbish and give pupils a sense of ownership of a space to projects which embed creativity in learning and enhance the curriculum by using music and architecture to explore mathematics

Projects in Young People’s settings

  • By placing artists in youth settings to work alongside trusted youth workers young people can achieve incredible results. Artworks has created music, videos, dance performances and public art that have helped young people to feel a sense of pride in their achievements, which can be especially important for young people who have not engaged with traditional learning environments

Projects Working with Families

  • Through both large scale programmes of work and smaller, more locally based projects Artworks has worked with families to create artwork and explore learning together. These projects have encouraged understanding of factors such as the importance of play and experimentation in learning, and helped parents feel that they can have a positive impact on their children’s learning, even if their own experience of education has been a negative one

Training for Children and Young People

  • Artworks is an Artsmark centre and we are trained to deliver Arts Award and have delivered a number of projects within formal and informal education settings including schools, youth clubs and Pupil Referral Units (PRUs)

Arts Award

  • If you are studying for Arts Award Gold we may be able to help by offering you a work placement within Artworks to gain understanding and experience of Arts Practice. Learn about how our projects work and how we make sure creativity has the best impact on the groups we work with. If you’re interested get in touch via email on
  • For each of our events we have 5 free tickets available to Arts Award Gold students and their advisers (offered on a first come, first served basis.) There are often opportunities to meet the artists and find out more about their work, their inspiration and their journeys. Have a look at our events programme at, then Email to book places
  • If you are a teacher or other professional working with young people to help them achieve an Arts Award qualification then we may be able to help
  • For the Arts Award Silver Challenge we offer discount rates to groups undertaking Arts Award in a range of artforms, including Graffiti Art, Rap Music, Broadcast Media, Video, and Creative Writing. Prices start from £330 for 3 half day sessions, and we can work with groups in school or youth settings, as well as at our venue in the city centre of Bradford. Contact Ged Walker on 01274 256925, or for more information
  • We can help young people young people working towards Arts Award Gold to understand the wider arts sector as we can occasionally offer work placements within Artworks. This allows them to learn about how our projects work and how we make sure creativity has the best impact on the groups we work with. If you’re interested get in touch via email on

Work with Support Staff and Volunteers

  • We have designed and delivered bespoke training for Youth and Community Workers, Children’s Centres and local authorities that has trained support staff and volunteers in how to deliver valuable engagement work in their local communities. This has included training in specific artforms, such as graffiti art and rap, as well as the Parent Champions programme for Bradford Council


For examples of our work in this area please visit Past Projects.

If you have an idea you would like to explore or a training issue you would like to solve then please Contact Us for an informal chat.

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